Premier Crepes
 Akron, Ohio           Date of Visit: 06/28/14              Facebook Page

So we are in Medina, at a complete bust of a food truck rally. The trucks are there but the public ainít. There is some desperation in the air. It did allow us instant access to whatever truck in which we had an interest, and today we tried Nacho Mamaís, Gyro Bobís, and Premier Crepes.



One of those was the little Premier Crepes trailer. Steph ordered one savory and one sweet option. The savory turned out to be a little too sweet on itís own. A raspberry chicken crepe with cheddar cheese, nuts, tomato and lettuce, there was just so much raspberry jam inside it overwhelmed all of the other ingredients.

The sweet crepe was about as sweet at the chicken, a mix of strawberry and banana with caramel and whipped cream. This was much more successful with a light crispiness on the outside of the flat cake, barely sweetened but rich whipped cream and fresh fruity goodness. Overall, the crepes wouldnít approach premier, for me anyways, but the sweet version was functional.

he Raspberry Chicken Crepe Looked Pretty Good

But Was A Raspberry, Raspberry, Raspberry, Chicken Crepe
Didn't Look As Promising

But Hit Most Of It's Marks



What's Best

What's Worst

  C- C N/A C D C-  
        Dessert Crepe Not Supposed To Be
Dessert Crepe
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