Primanti Bros. 
Pittsburgh, PA           Date of Visit: 02/06/11

Super Bowl Sunday. The Black and Gold are taking the field. We are taking in the game with friends in “the Burgh.” What could possibly be more iconic than at the “Almost Famous” Primanti Bros.? Most may have seen the place on the Travel Channel or the Food Network and I have only been there once since we moved back into Ohio so off we went. We were the only folks inside not sporting official Steeler gear, the Heinz faithful were out in force and ravenously attacking the quintessential Pittsburgh sammitch in droves. The interior is very laid back at the Crafton location with simple tables, paper cups, plastic plates; it’s nice when things don’t change through the years.


Buttery Pierogies

That One of A Kind Slaw

Double Egg and Cheese

When we arrived the place was already hoppin like a black and gold ant hill and a sign on the door said you wouldn’t be seated until everyone in your party had arrived, so we expected to wait. The hostess took a quick look around and took us to the open table. Our friends were going to be delayed a bit and we felt a little guilty as other people started cueing at the door so we snuck in an appetizer so we weren’t sitting rent free. We did manage to knock back a couple of butter drenched pierogies apiece before Linda and Dennis joined us. I don’t think they knew (until now). Once they arrived we ordered four sandwiches which at Primanti’s means thick sliced bread, your filling of choice all of which is piled with fresh cut fries and cole-slaw between the slices. We ordered a roast beef, a double egg and cheese, a corned beef and the black angus sirloin. To me, although you might have a favorite, at Primanti’s it doesn’t matter all that much what variety you order, the fries and slaw are the heart of the matter. The fries are puffy and fried dark. The slaw is sweet and ultra vinegary. If you were to double the meat on the sandwich (which is an option on most) it might make more of a difference. To me pile it all up on whatever you want and send it over, they are all scrumptious. Lunch turned out much better than the game for all of the fans in the Burgh. Interceptions/fumbles/etc. they still have Primantis.

Side Note: Yes, MB. I know. I didn’t try the imported Sardine sandwich. That might make some difference. I promise…next trip, with you or not I will be chowing down fry and slaw covered fish!


Corned Beef

Roast Beef



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