Pub Bricco 
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  10/2011    

Today we drove down into the valley just looking for a place to have lunch. After driving through and back we decided to stop at Pub Bricco having heard good things about the two other Bricco incarnations in Akron and Cleveland. The place is upscale bar inside with a mix of flat screen televisions and finery. Our server was quick and friendly and dropped a couple of paper menus on the table. When we looked at the menus we were instantly disappointed. We were looking for something different and the first thing we found were a list of sandwiches that you could get with either a burger, chicken, or veggie burger. There were a number of different options but there was really nothing new or super unique about any of them. Well, we’ll get a sandwich and call it a day.



Special App with Spicy Marinara and Goat Cheese

The appetizer side of the menu was more out of the ordinary. We ordered a couple of soups a beer cheese and a roasted poblano black bean chili with chorizo. The beer cheese soup was thick and rich with a nice sharp cheesy flavor. I got the chili and I gotta tell you this sludge was new to me and simply stupendous! Excellently and brightly seasoned with each ingredient contributing to a mildly spicy and gratifying cup the first course was quickly changing my predisposed negativity. We had decided to split a sandwich so we could order some of the other starters and sides.

We also tried the goat cheese and spicy marinara served with fried pita chips. First off the pita chips were outstanding. A thin crisp skin held in a puffy and doughy interior. Simply good. In the cup alongside was a much spicier red sauce than I had expected but it couldn’t have been that spicy as Steph enjoyed it as well. Once you started dipping the chips into the sauce the tips start emerging with warm white tangy goat cheese which turns out to be a fantastic combination with the spicy in the marinara.

The Goat Cheese Hides Inside

Good Beer Cheese Soup

Outstanding and Unique Chili
Tempura Fried Veggies

Sweet Potato Chips

Good Enough Sandwich

We made the tragic error of ordering two sides which turned out to be much larger in scope than we had imagined. The fried veggies consisted of red pepper, sweet potato, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower all coated in a superbly thin and crunchy tempura batter. With just a quick trip into the oil the veggies maintained a nice crunch and a good deal of their original flavor. We also tried the sweet potato chips which were very thinly sliced and fried. The surprise was the chips were dusted with some spices which are reminiscent of a standard pumpkin pie mix and served with maple syrup, really interesting and good.
The sandwich we had ordered was chicken with sprouts, avocado, roasted red peppers and Boursin cheese on a wheat bun. The chicken looked really good, was well seasoned, the toppings were fine but all in all it was a relatively boring sandwich. But hey, we ordered a boring sandwich…that’s what you get. It might have been better with a flavored Boursin like pepper or shallot and herbs but who knows. When it comes to Pub Bricco I think next time I will be likely to get soup and a couple of appetizers for a great meal, the sandwiches aren’t necessary.





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