Root Beer Drive-In
 Wadsworth, Ohio        Date of Visit  05/24/13        
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A couple of days ago we were at B-K Root Beer which instantly made me think of this place by comparison. It has been quite a while since we had stopped in here and decided to give it a go. It was exactly as I remembered it which explains why we hadnít been here for so long. Instead of a building worn by sixty years of business, this place seems like a movie set from the back side of the faÁade. It seems press board and coat hangers are the primary materials of construction. Good thing it wasnít windy. B-K sent us a naturally polite and informative woman to see what we wanted. Here they sent us a bitter harpy who could barely keep on her feet as she scolded us to hurry up and order cuz itís cold out here.



Looks Familiar

We would have been quicker in ordering if we were able to decode the menu fasterÖor maybe they could just call things what they are on the menuÖthen you can wobble back to your hut and take your time getting everyoneís order ready. Seriously. You say you make your own coney sauce but you donít have a coney dog on the menu.  Donít call is a Spanish dog, at least not in this part of the country. Whatís a Mexiburger? Answer? Anyone? Itís a sloppy joe on a hot dog bun. Thatís not a MexiburgerÖthatís a sloppy joe on a hot dog bun.

Having suffered the appropriate prodding we ordered a single root beer, a cheeseburger, Spanish dog, fries and in a surprise a Bahama Mama sausage from Schmidtís in C-bus. About the time Jezebel teetered back into the hut to finish working on her poisoned apple the show starter. A younger girl ran from the house across the street and followed her into the hut. Within minutes she was followed by a guy (bf/brother?) on a rice rocket. Yes, he has put on all of his gear and started a bike to ride to the end of the driveway and across the street.


I donít know what exactly he did but the younger employee was clearly unhappy with him and not worried about showing it. She ďhandedĒ him a piece of paper which he stuck in his mouth and rode back across the street. Watching him try to ride made me realize why he had taken the time to suit upÖitís a coin flip that he would make it all the way up the drive. Two minutes later he pulled out of the drive way in a car. At least we got a show with lunch, didnít understand all of it, but thatís performance art I guess.

Not A Positive Sign

Unfortunate Burger

Also Looks Familiar...Had Them From The Home Office

But Schmidt's Doesn't Boil The Bun Too. Dreck.

The younger lady was much more cordial than the one wearing the ruby slippers but she didnít know where any of the orders went, I guess it was more communication than they were interested in. The Spanish coney sauce isnít bad but wrapped in paper the whole dog was a soupy sweaty mess. The burger was nearing criminal, the fries didnít taste remotely of potato or anything else for that matter and the sausage they bought from Columbus was fine outside of the rain forest grodiness that ruined every sandwich. Worst of all was the root beer. At first sip it actually shows a great deal of promise, then it disappears. Sort of like a fight during an NBA game. Lots of chest thumping and braggadocio and maybe someone will sneak up behind someone else, punch them in the back and immediately retreat. B-Kís beverage was more like a hockey fight, toe to toe, swinging for the fences, all the way to the penalty box. No comparison. One of many reasons I think I would walk the 20 miles to Cuyahoga Falls before driving the 2 minutes to The Root Beer Drive-In.


More Sweaty Sandwich

Air Fries. Just Nothing To Em



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