Sassy Dog
 Wadsworth, OH         Date of Visit: 09/12/14         
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This will be brief. We were headed to lunch. We passed a parking lot with a food “truck/wagon” Hey, why not. Sassy dog consists of a truck with a hitch, a wee wagon and a couple of tables. There is a dude. He’s having a dog when we roll up. He seems excited about the dogs, his girlfriend’s business, it does very well. It should. They have four mobile outposts and if they aren’t making bank like a ball park…someone is eating all the profits.



The Heater and Eater Of Dogs

The dogs are south of mediocre, mealy, snapless and no discernable flavor. Buns are standard bulk. The toppings aren’t bad but there isn’t one that would make me pull to the side of the road again.

The closest would be the coney sauce we had on the original sassy dog. Small grains of meat in a lightly sweet tomato based sauce…meh. The original also came with mustard and kraut. The kraut isn’t bad either but you can get a jar of that anywhere. The cheese dog was exactly that and the Italian sausage with onions and peppers can also be picked up on the corner and cooked in the back yard for an extra ten minutes of your time and at quite a savings.

If you don’t have a grill, stop by for something sassy…if you do just stay at home. I'll take tasty over sassy any day.

The Menu Is Not Extensive

And The Dogs Are Substandard With Unimaginative Toppings

You Can do Better At Home

By Far




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