Schneider's Bakery
 Cooperstown, New York         Date of Visit  05/28/16          
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We are in Cooperstown to see the Classic at the beginning of the season and are, what psychologists would call “Basking in Reflected Glory”. We received quite a pile of VIP treatment earned by our resident hurler (none of which we earned ourselves). The friendly Hall of Fame Staff and the super polished folks of the Otesaga Resort (even though we weren’t staying there) treated us all exceptionally well…and fed us in serious style after some events. We did manage to try a couple of local haunts.



Quaint Little Shop

We heard good things about the bakery downtown and weren’t disappointed. Quaint little corner space. Smells of awesome and scrumptious. We picked up three types of croissant: chocolate, raspberry/cheese, and a savory ham/cheese, plus a blueberry Danish.

The croissant dough evidences some old world skill with thousands of layers of butter and dough resulting in a flaky but formidable pastry.

The chocolate was a nice lightly bitter/sweet percentage, the berry and cheese belong together and there was a great deal more ham and swiss than I would have ever expected.

The Danish was studded with berries and crested with a sweet sugar glaze.

Old school in a town built on history.

Classic Flake

With Nicely Bitter Chocolate

More Flake

With Sweet Cheese & Tangy Berry

One More

With Serious Ham & Swiss

Note of not so secret shame…

My apologies to the runners of the 5k and 10k who turned the corner in the act of exercise/self improvement to find all of me sitting on a bench, eating delicious pastries. I hope I didn’t dent your motivation too seriously. Hey, maybe I even boosted it. You’re welcome.




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