Seti's Polish Boys
 Cleveland, Ohio           Date of Visit: 05/06/11              No Known Website

Heard about Setiís long ago. Apparently it is Michael Symonís favorite Polish boy, something to do with grilling it and then giving it a dunk into the deep fryer. Since its Food Truck Friday and we had just left Dim and Den Sum, we thought it only fitting to hit a more long standing Cleveland mobile restaurant. Setiís doesnít travel around, it sits in the parking lot of Deanís Restaurant Supply, much easier to find parking. Setiís also unapologetically serves exactly what itís always served Polish Boys (the official sandwich of Cleveland) and hot dogs with fries.



Simple placeÖwe went simple. We ordered a Polish Boy, a chili cheese dog and chili cheese fries. The chili cheese dog was pretty good but there is a reason Polish Boys are at the top of the sign. Good dog, mediocre chili and cheese sauce. But we have had some really good dogs as of late and this just doesnít compete. The same canít be said of the Polish Boy, crisp and meaty sausage gets a healthy topping of cole slaw, fries and BBQ sauce. This thing was a gorgeously sloppy mess. The sauce and fries make the whole thing. I may have to come up with a reason to purchase some restaurant supplies and maybe a Polish Boy or two. The fries are simple but perfect and worked with the chili and cheese better than the dog did, maybe because there was more of it. We dined in the car alongside area chefs and a guy who went through great pains to maneuver his Mack truck into the side street to get a taste. You know itís gotta be good.


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Fries A Little Better


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