Silver Springs Mining Co  
Baltimore, Maryland                   Date of Visit: 09/24/08    

A fellow doc student from the Baltimore area hears we are going to Camden Yard for a game and his eyes light up! Almost incoherently, he begins to chant Pit Beef and Crab Pretzel. Once his blood pressure returned to normal he made two recommendations for which I am still thankful. Thanks Adam. At the park, he said walk around the back and find the Pit Beef, which is a Baltimore creation apparently. Peppery and dripping with juicy beefiness he was certainly right about the first so we decided a trip a little out of the way to take his second and more bizarre suggestion was in order.

The Silver Springs Mining Company serves a Crab Pretzel. If you haven’t had one you are likely thinking the same thing I was at that point, but off we went. Having read the description in the menu I was reasonably sure this was going to be a pretzel (Yummy, but no big whoop) maybe dusted with some hint of crabby dust. Here is what came to the table…a plate sized, unsalted, soft pretzel, you could tell it was a pretzel by the shape. Then everything goes sideways.

Bigger than I Expected

The Maryland Crab does exist!

Big Chunks 'O Crab
  Tracing the dough is a mound of crab which has been mixed into cream and cheddar cheeses with spices suggesting Old Bay and others. Everything is baked into the pretzel and then topped with more cheese, it was not what I had expected to see, let alone taste. I expected to just be eating another pretzel but each bite started with one direct note…and that was of crab. The cheese and pretzel are actually secondary thoughts. Do you know how much crab it takes to successfully compete with everything else on that plate? Crab is soft and delicate. Another benefit of living close to water. Fresh and cheap, something like this would cost $35 in Ohio and wouldn't be anywhere near as good. One of those odd life experiences that make you wish you could travel to every town in the world and see what their little secrets might be.



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