Sirrico's Pizza
 Las Vegas, Nevada        Date of Visit  12/18/12        No Known Website

After the debacle at New York Pizzeria and the shaky sauce at Battista's Hole in the Wall I stopped by Sirrico’s since I was on my own and thought I would give Italian in Vegas one more go before we flew out. Set up like a cafeteria line right off of the casino floor, I slid a tray down and received a thin slice of cheese and a Sicilian slice of pepperoni and snuck around the corner to a small table.



Cheese Slice

Thin In Scope And Flavor

Sicilian Thick With Pepperoni

Still Thin On Flavor

Both slices were well below standard at best. They lacked the nice crust of NY Pizzeria but the sauce and toppings weren’t as disappointing. Ehhh. You might be able to find good Italian in town with a cab ride and expensive tab but that appears to be the only possibility for which you wouldn’t have instant regret. You would think a casino named New York, New York wouldn't try to pass off such disappointing garbage as pizza.




What's Best

What's Worst

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After New York Pizzeria
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