Slyman's Tavern
 Cleveland, Ohio        Date of Visit  01/09/16  

Itís been a while since we waited in line for the stacked sandwiches of Slymanís Deli in Cleveland. Checking out what theyíve been up to, we found they have opened a satellite in Independence. Away we go. On the corner of a strip plaza the new location has a lot more room and a much more modern feel. I still prefer the crowded, mildly miserable authenticity of the origina l but the additional space, walls of televisions, and interesting art easily assuage any negativity.
To put it simply, itís Slyman's. The service is functional but efficient.



We started with nicely done onion rings and a dipping sauce with punch followed by three sandwiches and two sides. The sandwiches were corned beef, a Reuben and a Reuben-style Pastrami. I really wish the cure was deeper on their corned beef but they still make up for it with the portioning, two sandwiches turned into four meals. There isnít much in the way of dressing, cheese or kraut on the ReubensÖitís really all about the meat. The pastrami is tangier than the corned beef and the pepper adds a nice bite. Both are serious sandwiches.

A Little More Colorful Than The Original

Rings Are Well Done With Spicy Sauce

A Little Corned Beef

Or Pastrami

No Cheese Or Kraut Is Going To Stand Up

To The Beef Mountain

Pure Tater With So Little Addition

Pasta Is All About The Additions

Iím a little surprised how much I enjoy their potato and pasta salads, especially since they are polar opposites. The potato salad is made from potatoes, mayo and maybe a little salt. Thatís it. Pure potato with a little fat and flavor to help them down.

The pasta salad has pasta but it is loaded with intensely sharp and pungent flavors, making it all about the seasoning instead of the central ingredient. So different, so good.

As an afterthought, we finished by splitting a Philly style cheesecake which was everybit an afterthought on their part as ours. Stick to the sammy's and sides. Iíll still take Primoís firstÖeven if the drives were reversed, but you canít go wrong at Slyman's Tavern or Deli,  or otherwise.





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