Steve's Gyros (West Side Market)
 Cleveland, Ohio        Date of Visit  06/25/11          No Known Website

We had been to the West Side Market before and sampled our way through a great many stalls, but we had foregone the lines at the ready to eat stalls, particularly the lengthy line at Steve’s Gyro. After seeing it appear yet again on yet another television program I could stand it no longer and we planned a journey to try some hot foods at the market. No matter how long the line was, one of those places was going to be Steve’s! It’s a good thing we made that decision before we got there, the line being what it is and all.



Why Everyone Is Waiting In Line

Steph actually waited in line while we toured the rest of the grounds…yes all of it…and she had only moved up about halfway to the front when we got back. The line is long and moves at a pace reminiscent of a lazy glacier. Logic tells you it has to be good…these people wouldn’t all stand here this long if it wasn’t. Experience tells us this is not always true, people will apparently line up for slop if it’s been on TV. Time to make sure.

We ended up getting two regular gyros with extra sauce…the sauce since it is what every show seems to be heralding as the secret at Steve’s. The regular gyro is particularly large and stuffed with the usually shaved beef and lamb mix off of the rotating cone. The pita is warmed in butter and also holds a load of fresh onion, lettuce and tomato.


Freshly Unwrapped

How Do You Get Your Mouth Around That?

Just a Hint of Protein in These Things

What Makes It Unique and Delicious

And the sauce…darker/browner than I have seen before it is  based on sour cream instead of the typical Greek yogurt and keeps the same cucumbery lightness to balance the lamb  but Steve’s has an extra note. Heat. There is enough raw garlic and I’m assuming a shake of cayenne or some other pepper to ignite a small smooth grass fire on your tongue. Lather it onto the meat and veggies and this is a superior sandwich, not quite Bill’s in Atlantic City but still better than any other I can remember. They deserve the line. Make sure you order the extra sauce, it’s worth a dollar.

If you have seen what we managed to pick up on our first official journey to the West Side Market and the raves they received for the fruits, sweets, jerky, meats, etc., you might wonder if we got anything else. The pictures below ought to answer that question.


We Might Have Picked Up A Couple Other Things

And Felt Really Bad About It Too....



What's Best

What's Worst

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