The Stone Pelican
 Akron, Ohio           Date of Visit: 04/26/14              Facebook Page

Visiting the first local food truck assembly, set to benefit the Copley schools extra curricular programs, we saw an interesting item on the menu from the Stone Pelican Truck. They had a Hungarian chicken sausage sandwich (sausage from Al’s Corner) which I know I would have enjoyed but I already knew that. Instead we had the hoagie that sounded interesting and added the daily special and a half order of fries. We would have been better served trying a different truck. The special for the fund raiser was a shrimp burger slider. It was better than what attracted us to the truck in the first place, tiny-not worth the price of admission but pretty tasty. Nicely toasted little bun, well-flavored shrimpy patty, a couple of quick pickles and a shot of some orange something-or-other-sauce. It was pretty good.


Sure It's Not Stoned Pelican?

One Item Caught Our Eyes

Over Priced But Tasty Shrimp Burger Slider

The Little Guy Had Lots Of Compatible Elements

The buffalo chicken meatball hoagie was the initial attraction. Baked chicken meatballs, buf sauce, bleu cheese dressing & crumbles, should be good. The meatballs were not as dry as you would expect but there was something else that didn’t quite sit right on the palate.

The sauce had heat but needed some tang. The hoagie roll was nicely toasted and maybe the best part of the sandwich. All together made my brain pace back and forth between “don’t like it”…”it’s okay I guess”… “don’t like it”…”it’s okay I guess”…. I wouldn’t to it again.

The fries were limp and whatever the “pelican” seasoning was supposed to add never materialized. Compared to the others the pelican truck sank like a, well…you know.

This Sounded And Looked Pretty Promising


Something Just Didn't Sit Right With The Chicken Meatballs

These Fries Need Rebuilt From The Bottom Up




What's Best

What's Worst

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