Sully's Irish Bar
 Medina, Ohio        Date of Visit  07/17/11

This will be brief. Found the place online. Read about it. Menu sounded interesting. We haven’t been out for a while. Off we go. It’s right next door to Dan’s Dogs. We talked about it walking into Dans but had forgotten all about it. We even knew exactly what we were ordering. When we stepped inside there wasn’t a table in sight that wasn’t covered in garbage, we picked the one that seemed to have the least and waited. And waited. And waited. Not a single staff member even glanced in our direction. Maybe they were too busy clearing tables or something…oh that’s right, in-freakin-possible.



Not a Single Clean Table In The House with as Many Employees as Customers

We waited a while longer, listened to the other couple of customers scream at each other to be heard over the blaring television. At that point we saw four employees, one experiencing some existential crises behind the bar and three servers. One of the servers picked up four glasses and walked off with the others in tow. That’s when we left and went to the Corkscrew Saloon.

I almost called the cops when we left because if there is an owner paying employees for this; that amounts to thievery and someone should be held responsible. Then it dawned on me. If the owner is too distant, too busy, too lazy to ensure their place is being handled, I would call that “just desserts”. Dear God, I hope they weren't actually there. Anyone who would leave their livelihood in the hands of such unmotivated, incompetent and indolent humans deserves to have their pockets picked clean and left to wonder what happened. The name should be changed to Sullied…which is what they managed to do to the concept of hospitality. This place is the opposite of Mulligan's in Canton. Irish shame. Can’t wait to try what moved into the space next.






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