Sweet Henrie's (Breakfast)
 Barberton, Ohio       Date of Visit  09/18/16      

Went to Barberton for tacos. Not open. We decide breakfast at Sweet Henrie’s would be some kind of adventure. This won’t take long. I think the interior is the same as our visit for dinner six years ago. This was much less successful.



How Do You Make Fried Mushrooms Vomit Inducing?

The service is mechanically unpleasant. The tables could use a wipe. The little jelly cups in the holder are pre-opened for convenience. We ordered hash and a croissant sandwich, and added fried mushrooms to add a bit of brunch vibe. Everything arrived very quickly, I wonder if lots of people leave quickly and they are trying to stave off the “Where’d they go” syndrome.

The shrooms were terrifying. So saturated with grease they could be stunt squeezers for a Gordon Ramsey/Robert Irvine. The fact they were even in a fryer didn’t account for much since when you got through the dirty grease gusher factor, they were ice cold in the middle. Our server delivered the breakfast bits, looked into the shroom dish, grimaced, and bolted for a smoke.

The hash was just north of cold and completely without texture. Over easy has no meaning and the taters were ninja weapons. Still less of a mess than the huge plop they dropped into a faux croissant. Gross is the only thing that comes to mind. We’re both still crawling and complaining.

Yay! Toast!...Oh, The Jelly Containers Are All Open.

Conceived & Plated From The Three Point Line
  We had sort of marveled at the pie display when we walked in. I pulled up the pictures of our first visit and remembered the cobbler. After pushing the plates away, we had both lost interest. Something that appears to have happened here some time ago. Until they find a sense of pride, or at least shame, I’ll pass.



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