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The cheesiness has spread north from Cincinnati and after seeing them make a deal on Shark Tank a couple of years ago we are headed to the shiny new local franchise in Green. In all honesty, they have lost something in the translation. Itís much cleaner and spiffier, I much preferred the Pirates of the Caribbean feel of the original. The service is the same, order at the counter, sit, get sammitches. The food is also pretty familiar. While drawn to the more peculiar combinations we had tried in Cinci, we instead ordered the weekly special soup and sandwich one of the regulars we had not tried and two sweet versions. I would stick with the weirder options on the menu as well.



The Soup Was Well Done With Nice Kick

The soup was really nicely done, a chipotle chicken with a strong base of aromatic veggies, spicy chili, tender chicken and maybe a little too much cream for richness. Still really nice.

The griller of the week was the Spicy Piglette - sourdough, pepper jack, bacon, ham, grilled onion, hot peppers, and sriracha. Steph couldnít do it. I like hot stuff and I had to scrape peppers off. Woof, might as well have skipped the pig part, couldnít taste any of it. The crunchy garlic chicken from the regular menu starts with wheat berry bread filled with roasted chicken, grilled onion, tomato, sweet hot mustard, garlic seasoning, parmesan garlic potato chips and pepper jack cheese. Itís fine but with the long list of those flavorful ingredients, it has no real pop. Good, but nuthiní you couldnít get really close to at home with even fewer ingredients. Order something peculiar like the Armagoetta, not only more interesting and worth the trip, I remember it tasting much better. We also tried the mac and cheese which had a nice sprinkling of seasoning but didn't have enough going on to keep it interesting.

Piglette Way Too Much Going On

Chicken Way Too Little

For sweet we ended up with The King and the Mint Summerís Night. Again, fine but without the peculiar funk of bleu cheese itís sweet on sweet on sweet.

The King is the grilled glazed donut (holes still stopped with melted mozz) with slices of fresh nanner, and peanut butter mascarpone.

The Mint Summer's Night is stuffed with chocolate mint candy, chocolate mascarpone and fresh strawberries. Nothing bad, we ordered differently of course, but I still left feeling let down.

Both are uber desserty, all sweet all day and much less interesting than the blueberry/bleu cheese combo from Cinci.

If we do get back, Iím ordering the weirdest stuff we can findÖor going back to the originals.

Better Than Many But Still Not What You Would Expect From A Place With Cheese In The Name



All Sweet...

..All Day



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