Tip Top Restaurant (Breakfast)
 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio        Date of Visit  03/17/14     

So, prior to having dinner for lunch at the Tip Top, we had perused the breakfast menu and had a chance to give it a try. Nothing had changed about the place in the past couple of weeks but we did have much more on point service during the busier rush in the restaurant. We tried a half order of biscuits and gravy, kielbasa & eggs and a version of a Benedict.



Looked Good, But Lacking

I was sort of bummed out by the biscuits and gravy, just because they were average and I was hoping for more. The picture is of the half order…good lord, a whole one must come in a pail. The biscuit had a nice mix of crust and sponge but the gravy just didn’t hold up its end of the bargain. Seriously rich, but missing a lot in the way of sausage and pepper. I added the pepper but couldn’t find a way to make up for the sausagelessness.

Steph tried the kielbasa and eggs, which turned out to be the type of breakfast I had wanted from Tip Top. The sausage was split and grilled on the flat top, the eggs were steaming and fluffy, the toast was toasty (not just warm beige toasty, brown toasty with butter, the hash browns were extra crispy as requested…and without cheese and onions. When we both ordered something with hash browns we were both asked if we cared for cheese and/or onions atop which is a nice touch, most places you get one or the other to your liking or grouchiness. Well done, but it got beat by mine.

Done Exactly As Ordered

Cheese & Onions Are An Option, Not A Requirement

It was St. Patrick’s and while I won’t wear green, I got enough of that Irish goofiness in me I don’t have to wear it, I might order something fitting. They had a special of corned beef and cabbage but what caught my eye was the Irish Benedict on the regular breakfast menu. All the regular bits, muffin, poached egg, hollandaise, but with corned beef replacing the back bacon. It wasn’t great corned beef, it was surprisingly dry (similar to the Reuben at Blue Door) but the hollandaise helped. The hollandaise was well seasoned with lemon, a bite of pepper and a healthy dose of salt, running together with the yolky lava and resulting in a delicious breakfast plate. I still like the place. There are things I would not order again but there is enough to make me want to try a bunch of other things on the menu and find a regular.


The Irish Benedict Could Have Better Beef But Is Delicious

Ooze Away



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