Titos Mexican Grill
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  09/14/12      
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A little business meeting at the book store and a trip to the bank needs to be followed by a breaking of the bread, especially if it means we can finally dine with one of our long time fellow food nut cases who has been Howard Hughesian for some time now. We headed to Tito’s which I had heard from a few people and our comrade has been to.



Every Piece Of Wood Is Custom Carved

It’s strangely nice inside and they had to have spent a pretty penny on the wood work alone, from the wagon wheel bench inside the door to the intricate carvings in the back of each booth and chair in the joint. The staff are friendly which seems to be cote du rigeur for Mexican establishments, they did a nice job. A basket of chips and added salty white queso were served with a thin and smooth salsa, not bad at all. We ordered a lunch special two enchiladas with rice which by reports was average.

Our compadre ordered the lunch fajitas Yucatan with grilled chicken (no oil or salt or rice or beans or tortillas…she might be on some stupid quest for healthy living but at heart she remains one of us…bully for her) with yellow and red bell peppers, purple onions, yellow and green zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. Again, by report this one is tasty even without all of the more (or basic) extravagant ingredients. It looks beautiful, is has lean protein with a load of veg and was obviously enjoyed and healthy together, a rare find.


Good Chips & Cheese, Would Like More Out Of The Salsa

Functional Chicken Enchilada Lunch Special

Lunch ala Mexicana Won't Get Much Healthier Than This

Bright Colors & Flavors With Lean Protein

I ordered the Chori Pollo which I have been ordering  since my brother turned me onto the chicken and chorizo mix years ago. What makes Tito’s stand out is the mass of tasty veg loaded into the dish. While the pure carnivores might not appreciate the addition I love the rabbit food, especially the lightly caramelized cauliflower, stupendous. If only the chorizo had the kick I would expect this would be a superior dish but the sausage was only a phantom of the spicy grind I hoped for, which counteracted the scrumptious veggie supplement. The dinner portion was enormous with a heaping pile of chori pollo, soft tortilla and a plate of rice, refried beans, a smooth rich guac and a deliciously spicy pico de gallo, enough for three meals. The dishes weren’t quite what I would expect compared to some of the native cooking I have had the pleasure to enjoy. They were pretty good and offer a seriously healthy option which you don't often see, a nice option for those on the road to buff.

Far from a knockout, Tito's is good, is staffed by nice folks and will cater to your needs...healthy or otherwise.


They Don't Skimp On The Dinner Portions

The Chorizo Does Skimp On The Kick However



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