Tomaso's (Second Visit)
Akron, Ohio    Date of Visit:  07/17/15
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This is one of the first places visited once we had exhausted our regulars. Today we are back in the midst of dinner instead of the middle of the afternoon. There are other people here, actually a bunch of people here. I’m imagining the cook is cooking, when it might have been the bus boy on our first visit.




Creamy Sweet & Sour Is Pretty Good

We ordered a wee pizza and a couple of dinners, Cavatelli and Chicken Parm.

 Salads are crispy and their house creamy sweet and sour is nice. The pale yellow garlic bread is crispy and garlicky in a buttery sort of way. The pastas are actually well cooked on this trip, and while there is a bit of water swirling beneath, it’s a far cry from the literal pond from our first outing. The chicken breast has maybe a little too thick coating, which is brown and crunchy enough. Meatballs are light and meaty. You get a little paper cup of sherbet at the end.

All fine.

There was one thing I loved and one I just didn’t care for at all. One might lead us back here without hesitation and one that would ensure that didn’t happen.


Average Garlic Bread

Chicken Was Bready But Not Bad


And Both Pastas Were Much Better This Trip

A Wee Treat Ends All dinner Orders


The downside. I really don’t like their sauce. At all. It’s smooth, a ruddy red but there is just something about it that doesn’t work for me. Whether spice blend or scorching at the bottom of the pot there is a pinch at the back of my jaw and a singed flavor I find off putting. Ladle it on whatever, I’ll pass.


But No Matter What You Put It On...

The Sauce Is Hard To Get Past

Then there was the pizza. Their Bianco. Thin crust baked just short of cracker crispy. Topped with olive oil, Provolone, Mozzarella, and Parmesan cheeses. Gooey, stringy, salty cheeses. They also do take and bakes or half bakes which we may very well avail ourselves of….cause this thing was constructed of the simple tastiness that makes for good Italian. This excursion was much better than five years prior but the fact 90% of the menu is covered with that sauce will keep them out of the regular rotation.

Ummmmmm. Hello?

And There It Is

  Change in Ranking        
  Original Score Which Way? New Score Why For?  
  D C Much Was Improved This Time But Even
Super Cheesy Pizza Can't Trump Sauce Shortcomings
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Barberton, Ohio       Date of Visit: 10/31/10

Having had so many solid to superior meals in the Barberton area since we started this whole shindig almost a year ago we thought we would try an Italian themed place that has apparently been around for decades. We slowly walked up to the weathered wood building and found a menu outside the front door. Looks promising, all standard American takes on Italian fare, and in we went. This place is just crazy inside. Just the look of the round room just inside the front door was enough to let you know you might be trippin the light fantastic…just check out the picture. Walking into the dining room you see flowers stuffed into huge wine bottles, grape vines braided with Christmas lights dangle from the ceiling, there is a pizza clock on the wall and centrally painted the opposite wall is a quote from the Godfather…”Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” Wacky.

Just a Hint of the Interior
As has been out tradition we over ordered and started with an appetizer of provolone garlic bread. While I regretted it later, the bread gave an opportunity to try the sauce. It is a spice driven gravy with long simmered tomato and an array of spices predominating any herbaciousness. The bread is simple but then again all good Italian food is just that. The salad was standard and the wedding soup is one of the best that I have tried outside of my favorite Y-town version, although there remains no comparison. The soup is salty with orthodox tiny meatballs, pasta, and greens. All in all we were really enjoying ourselves in the madcap Tomaso when our entrees arrived.

Steph ordered the cavatelli with plain sauce. The sauce was identical to the cup served alongside the bread and would have worked well with the noodles. The noodles were the problem here…tragically underdone. Almost dry in the middle with a stunningly strong raw pasta flavor the cavatelli were a serious disappointment. The meatballs were suspiciously soft and spongy but tasted much better than the texture would have indicated.

Sauce and Provy Bread

Pretty Good Wedding Soup

Standard Salad
Underdone Cavatelli

Stuff Covered with Scorched Meat Sauce

  I had the sampler which included ravioli, rigatoni, cavatelli and manicotti. First things first. I am a sauce nut, the more the better. However, if you are serving multiple items on a plate that have a sauce, don’t cover every inch of the items. It’s nice to know what you are digging into. The sampler comes with a meat sauce which appears to be the plain with a little something for the carnivorous. Two major missteps with this dish. First of all it is served with the underdone cavatelli. Secondly, whoever was browning the beef to add to the sauce got distracted by something else and the meat was clearly scorched which had essentially ruined the sauce. Both entrees were second-rate at best. Bummer. Now full, we had already ordered dessert…oh dear, what were we thinking, since the menu suggests ordering them ahead of time. While simple the cookies were a redeeming factor in our experience. Warm chocolate chip cookies arrive at the table and stuffed into the middle of the cookie we find a melted truffle. Warm and chocolaty hominess on a plate. In the end, Tomasos was not up to scratch over all, not due to the menu but due to a lack of attention.

Way Warm Chocolaty Cookies




What's Best

What's Worst

  D- C B+ A D- D  
      Just Nutty Cookies Disappointing Main Attraction    
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