Treichel's Bar & Grill
 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio          Date of Visit  06/19/14       
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Had about an hour between classes on Thursday and we decided to try the place that relocated from Aurora and moved into the original Rockneís location just up the street from us. Theyíve done a nice job renovating the place, itís much more open than it used to be. Our server did a pretty fair job and the kitchen got us in and out with little fuss and well within our limited window.



Chicken Was Pretty Good But The Sauce Was Scant

The menu is brief, probably a good thing for a bar, if they pull it off well. We ordered mild boneless wings, a burger and the fish and chips dinner. The wings had some promiseÖdonít know if they are buying boxes from a place that specialized in making them look unnuggetey or if they are cutting and breading their own but they were fresh, juicy and coated with a crunchy outer layer. There wasnít much sauce included and the splash that was didnít really do much to make them Buffaloish. Pretty good chicken was let down by the nonstarter of a sauce.

I ordered the í66 GTO which is a cheeseburger with bacon, BBQ sauce and an onion ring. It was put together just for me. The onion ring seems to be added by necessity, sort of like the outer ring of a baby pool, for the purpose of containing the copious amount of honey BBQ sauce. This pleases the goop master. I actually had to hunt around for a piece of the patty to yank off to see how the burger itself tastedÖwhich was pretty good. Wish that happened on the chicken.

Perfectly Acceptable Burger

Especially For The Goop Meister

Overall, the sandwich was a success. Both the burger and the fish came with fries which are also good but the description overreaches a couple of times. Calling them famous is more of a challenge when you are following the gorgeous and abundant fried spuds from Rockneís. The menu also calls them endless friesÖ. I didnít need anymore, didnít actually finish the ones with the burger, but no one ever mentioned the option. If itís a big selling point, you might want to bring it up once or twice in case folks arenít reading the fine print. They are thick and fluffy inside. They could probably use a little longer in the fryer for both flavor and color, but they were tasty, not in a famous kinda way, but tasty.

Where Pirates Got The Idea For Walking The Plank

Quite The Surprise

The fish is Pollock (little haddock) by the menu, consisted of a large filet and seemed much less house made than the chicken. It was hot and flaky when it arrived, so no harm no foul either way. The same fries adorned the plate but this time they had company. The plastic cup of coleslaw was awesome. If they buy that in, I want to know from whence it comes. Peppery cabbage, very light mayo/vinegar dressing, just a kiss of sweet, wrestling with a smattering of heat. I always love it when typically boring foods take on that Thai challenge of hitting every different major taste at some point during the chew. This did.

Treichelís got us in and out in addition to a little better than average bar fare. You could do way worse in the middle of the day.




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