Twig's Diner

 Barberton, Ohio    Date of Visit: 06/03/10     
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This little joint in Barberton is not easy to describe without sounding like a nut, but I have little to lose so I will try. This square nook which is only open until three everyday has parking that would make Kamikaze pilots nervous. Stepping inside makes me relatively certain that the boss is hallucinating and that the voices in her head spend a lot of time talking about hats. She is usually running the front by herself and works well on the dash. You can’t miss her easy, friendly laugh and banter that fights it’s way through what has to be thousands of packs of Luckies.



Not Kidding About the Hats...or Voices!


Texas Omelete

I have never been to Twigs for anything but breakfast and this trip was no different. I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone order anything but breakfast. Now there are reasons to order breakfast at Twigs. Everything is hot and fresh and their specials are usually tempting. Past oddities include pound-cake French toast, and omelets stuffed with any number of contrivances. Today they had a Texas omelet crammed with prime rib, green peppers and onions. It was done by hands that have made thousands before and use that experience on each trip to the plate. Light, fluffy, piping hot, there’s a reason everyone is eating breakfast here. The prime was smoky and well peppered making for a tasty sitting. The favorite is an assortment of what you think of when someone says breakfast and looked just as good as the omelet tasted. Hot coffee and chocolate are both right on the money in the morning.


"Hot" Hot-Chocolate

The "Fav"

You Will Require Extra Toast, Trust Me

All Homemade & There is a Reason Why


To this point Twig’s must sound like another local hangout to get a solid breakfast, which it is, nothing extraordinary or special. But we’re not done just yet. If you look at the pictures you will see stacks of toast. Why so much toast? Did you order extra you might ask. As a matter of fact we did. My suggestion is to order you eggs scrambled. If you get over-easy or sunny-up you will be tempted to dip your toast into the glistening yolk, and under most conditions that would be okay. If you’ve done this at Twigs, when you get to your last slice and decide to try the homemade jams or jellies on the table, you will regret the whole yolk thing. Today they had bright and sweet strawberry and peach jams with apple butter as the third possibility. I don’t really like apple butter very much, but I do like theirs. To enjoy Twig’s, get breakfast, order a tower of toast, and get a kick out of the wacky décor, don’t expect more than you should, and make sure you squeeze every bottle of fruity toast goo. Worth a trip.


One Word...Luscious

Inside The Texas Omelet




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