Twisted Meltz
 Kent, Ohio           Date of Visit  04/11/15 

Our Kent breakfast at the Little City Grill wasnít everything for which we had been hoping. Meeting is over, after a quick visit with friends, we figure lunch might save the day. It made an effort. Twisted Meltz is located in Acorn Alley. While I never read the books, Steph made me watch the movies and the actual little stretch that is Acorn Alley always makes me think I am taking Harry Potter to pick out his wand.



One-Third Of The Packed House Peruses The Menu board

Located in the defunct hot dog shop I had visited earlier (zero surprise) Twisted Meltz does what I had wished I had found at Melt in ClevelandÖinteresting grilled cheese. Melt was much more inventive but smothered the tasty insides with so much grilled cheese I had trouble noticing.

Twisted Meltz isnít as creative and the fillings were missing little touches to bring it all together but they had a more successful sandwich overall.

Check their menu online and you will find multiple options for breads, cheeses, meats, toppings and sauces. There is a second page of celebrity named options with fixed ingredients. The sandwich names are interesting, I donít really understand what attaches the name to each sandwich but the names make ordering easier. I checked and they are Kent attendees but itís hard to imagine them each having chosen these combinations.


The place isnít laid out all that well. The service is hectic but sincere and active. There is a little ice cream shop attached. I first thought they should have used the space for much needed seating but they seemed to be doing brisk trade in the frosty stuff too.

We tried the Dolph Ziggler, the Steve Harvey, and the Josh Cribbs. The Ziggler lacked the most for me. It sounds greatÖfried potato and cheddar pierogies, bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and sour cream. The fry in the pierogies makes them a little hard to bite through after the bread but overall it tastes pretty darn good. I imagine you could add a sauce or something from the toppings that would really bring it home.


They Are Scooping And Blending A Fair Amount Of Ashby's Ice Cream

The Chewy Dolph Ziggler Was Missing Something

The Steve Harvey has a wonderfully crusty panko breaded chicken filet and comes with bacon, cheddar, white American cheese and a spicy mayo. Again, pretty good, but I never really picked up enough of the spice in the mayo to make a difference, which I imagine would be significant. We turned this one into a meal with a fountain beverage and battered fries. The fries were steaming hot and fluffy with a light crispy exterior. Not bad at all.

The Josh Cribbs features a fried turkey that is so tender it nears stupid. They top it with ham, bacon, Swiss and Muenster cheeses, and the spicy mayo. It was the fav for both of us and Iím thinking about the other half sitting in the fridge right now. I do think Iím going to rummage through the fridge to see if I can find what I would ask for on a future visit to drive the nail home for me. Twisted Meltz isnít as twisted as I might hope but their melts are a solid base for a really nice option in Kent.

You Can Platterize With Fries & A Fountain Drink

The Fries Have A Light Crispy Batter Over Very Fluffy Interior

Panko Chicken Best Part Of The Steve Harvey

The Fried Turkey In The Josh Cribbs Is Sooooo Tender





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