U.S. Cellular Field
 Chicago, Illinois        Date of Visit  04-07,08,09,10-11          

It’s nearly impossible to go to a ball park and not buy some overpriced something or other to snack on. Even with all of the eating we were doing around town we managed to stroll the concourse and hit a couple of stands. We certainly didn’t try them all so these are limited to our small sampling. The following were the experience for those four games from least favorite to most fav.



The Soft Pretzel…nothing soft about this particular praying dough. I had to assume it was heated originally during a previous series and had been twirling in a little easy bake box for days. It looked good…lots of salt but we couldn’t choke it down. A pretzel dentists would love.



The Cuban Sandwich…sounded like a really good idea for ball park food. The ingredient list promised some bold familiar flavors. Failure on all counts. Insipid, over processed, bland, not even the pickles tasted like much of anything. About as Cuban as unflavored gelatin.




Pulled Pork Sandwich…a close cousin to the above mentioned Cuban. At least it had some flavor like a weak ketchup/brown sugar solution, but a depressing attempt overall.





The Churro…Filled with Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry these crunchy Mexican doughnut ropes were rolled in cinnamon sugar and had a pleasing texture and taste. I saw more than a couple disappear during our four day visit.



The Wow Bao…this was a real surprise to me. I am not a fan of ball park sushi or linguini or clam bars. To be ball park food you need to be able to catch a foul ball without ever interrupting your dining. When I saw the steamed dumpling stand I was instantly put off. I got in line and started thinking it through. Outside of being a little sticky (that might actually help catch a ball) you could sit in a seat and just munch away. Doesn’t matter though, they couldn’t be any good. You get a choice of two and I went with the pulled pork and the Szechuan beef. One slightly sweet, the other with a nice kick…nearly a tie for the best ball park eats. No Kidding. I couldn’t believe it either.



This was going to be number one; likely even before I ordered it. I had one from here a couple of years prior. While the park itself is gone the Chicago Southerners moved a small part of it into U.S. Cellular Field. There is one stand that still sells the Comiskey Chicago Style Dog. It’s loaded with veggies…tomato, pickle spear, sport peppers, and relish. Does anyone know where that relish comes from? Nothing in nature even approaches that color. Neon green food? It gets a liberal slathering of mustard and topped with celery salt. Not only is it longtime tradition, it is a wonderful combination of tastes. Another item unique to this town and no better place to enjoy one than watching a game.




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