Uptown Pizza (2)  
Youngstown, Ohio          Date of Visit: 05/02/15                  No Known Website

What is there to say. Great day with Mother Dear at Mill Creek Park, which is just budding, and a trip to Uptown. The service remains devil may care, strewn with “ball-busting” and words of a profane bent being bandied about here and there. The same service drops off free unordered cheesy garlic bread and takes a personal interest in our visit and family. If you are put off by well-meaning people using unfriendly words, this is too complicated a place for you.



The fresh salad comes with an excellent peppered parmesan dressing. The Italian wedding soup, regardless of how it’s made, is intensely chickened in it’s broth, and precisely balanced by bitter greens, enriched by pearls of pasta and tiny/fatty meatballs, and a few shakes of parm thicken and bind it into some kind of delicious that is hard to find.

The pizza foundation is a tasty and lightly oiled crust supporting a sharp but lightly sweet sauce, intensely flavored toppings, all topped with a thick layer of cheese baked to the point of dark brown, crispy bubbles. This is pizza! Steph added a couple of soft and delicious meatballs with a splash of sauce, which was eagerly scooped with the garlic bread. This simple and unapologetic place puts fancy and dancy to shame on a regular basis. If you get a chance...go, just leave a table open for us.

We Got A Couple Baskets Gratis...Just Because

Love The Pepper Parmesan Dressing
Just Plain Awesome

Well Made Meat Balls & Sauce
No Words...

...Just Look
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Uptown Pizza

Youngstown, Ohio             Date of Visit: 01/26/10             No Known Website

Right on Belmont Avenue, Uptown Pizza looks like almost everything else on Belmont Avenue which does not scream out appetizing. A dingy little stand alone building, the impression doesn’t improve upon stepping inside. Not unclean or unsanitary, but nothing  sparkles. Don’t let that deter you. It is the grunge of thousands upon thousands of meals being placed in front of happy people. Why are they happy?



Lil’ Joe’s or individual pizzas let everyone get what they want, just in case you can’t agree. The dough is crisp and yeasty. The cheese is flavorful (you know what I mean, you have had that “Mozzarella Cheese” that either tastes like nothing or gooey salt) and they really have a great balance, loaded with cheese but not to the point that it gets cloying making you feel like you are going to choke. Their sauce is an interesting mix of spicy earthiness which has a really dusky way of sitting on the palate, like a red wine. This is counter-balanced by an unexpected sweetness in the sauce. Toppings are fresh and fabulous with the sausage being a well seasoned standout even though I am prone to go with mushrooms and black olives. Uptown also offers a Y-town based staple known as Briar Hill Pizza featuring green peppers and shakey cheese instead of mozzarella. When pizza doesn’t seem like the way to go the meatball sub is great and filling, doused with the same wild abandon of sauce and cheese.

Cheesy Lil' Joe

Tiny, Tasty Powerhouses

Cheese Completely Obscures the Olives and Shrooms

All well and good, but here is the magic of Uptown. It all happens before the pizza even arrives. Stick to the small pizza because if you are skipping soup and salad you are enjoying but not quite getting it. The salad is the only one I am familiar with that rivals Luigi’s in Akron for pizza house salad. This is not some extravagant mixture of greens with exotic dressings and toppings, it is instead an always bright and crisp mound of iceberg lettuce beets, garbanzo beans etc. and if you order the cheese look out. Our family favorite choice is the peppered parmesan for dressing.

For Real Wedding Soup

To Go Container Can't Contain the Cheesiness
Oh Yeah, That's a Salad Under There

Soup Close-up
Lastly, and at the top of the heap. Never, ever, go to Uptown Pizza without at least a cup of their Wedding Soup. I have skipped the soup a couple of times and have always been remorseful. Perfectly seasoned chickeny broth serves as the foundation for a think mixture of tiny pearls of pasta, beautiful itty bitty meatballs, and escarole. Served with crackers and croutons, a final jostle of the shakey cheese into the bowl brings it all home. Once after asking the owner about the wedding soup, he remarked “It’s grandma’s recipe, and she says we make it pretty close to good enough.” Could there be a better endorsement?



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