Breakfast Bike Runs

I have been taking pictures and thinking about doing this for some time. Places have been missed, ratings are sort of unnecessary, but there are a number of meals or places that could bear mentioning in the long run. We tend to ride in the morning before the Sun gets to serious work for the day. Given that, we tend to either meet for breakfast or use a place as a destination, trying to find the twistier and turnier roads in the area or beyond.

There wonít be much to say, in most places breakfast is what it is. If there is something significant, I will do my best to describe it, but donít expect too much. Just looking forward to new rides and some eggs.


Village Cornerstone  

 West Salem, Ohio

A pretty good run with a couple of twists from Wadsworth, the Village Cornerstone sits in West Salem behind a slightly treacherous gravel parking lot. Small and antiquated inside we settled in and I was excited to see something on the menu I had never heard of before. Hambled eggs?!? I inquired with great interest to discover they are scrambled eggs with ham in them. Oh. Color me less excited.

They were pretty good, so were the hash browns and the toast. I asked for some hot sauce to boost things a bit and while it took a while to make it out, when it arrived it was more than I could use in a year. They seem eager to please. Breakfast is nothing to write home about and certainly nothing much to write more about here. One odd note, this is the only restaurant I have ever been in that has a tin plaque on the wall with a detailed recipe for possum.  Good portions, solid plates, sums it all up.


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