Whole Day Cafe
 Wadsworth, Ohio        Date of Visit: 03/24/12       

Steph met her mom and sister here about a week ago and brought a breakfasty crepe home for me. It has been a long time coming but it didnít take us long to follow up and make a visit with pictures. Located on a prime corner of the city square of the thriving metropolis of Wadsworth Ohio. Long ago a florist the space has been at least of couple of different restaurants since. The layout is somewhat utilitarian and welcoming at the same time. We arrived after the lunch rush but found the place still over half full with a steady stream of diners working their way through.



Industrial and Homey

One thing that should be mentioned. If you are looking to catch a quick lunch and get back to work, this is not the place for you. They are slow. Purposefully and happily slow. One table gets done at a time and if there are a few ahead of you, you will have plenty of time to chat. The way things are set up I donít think they could actually do anything different. This is a place to commune, not rush.

We ordered soup, the SOM (sandwich of the month), a savory crepe and a sweet crepe. We hung out watching small town life cruise up and down the sidewalk and studying the other diners until everything arrived at once. The soup of the day was a tomato basil and was wonderful. I am not a big fan of the warm tomato stuff that comes out of a can which gives me more appreciation for versions that have something going on. Rich with a hint of smokiness, the soup had just a kick of spice that was reminiscent of a really nice, lightly spiced tomato cream pasta sauce. I hope they have that on a regular basis.

Simply Killer Tomato Basil With A Kick

The Little Salad Is Great With Ham/Feta Crepe

Average At Best Reuben

Sweet or Savory The Pancakes Are Far Superior To The SOM

The sandwich of the month was called a corned beef on rye with sauerkraut swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. Apparently the word Reuben was too big to fit on the board. It was fine but far from memorable, similar to what you can get at the drive through at Arbys. It came with chips or a lemon orzo, I went with the orzo which really needed something lemony to earn it's moniker but was fine mixed with the fresh spinach leaves. The crepe was better than the sandwich. They have a menu, but will stuff whatever you want into the griddle cake and Steph had ordered ham and feta. Thin, rich crepe enveloped a healthy dose of pretty good ham and fair salty cheese. What I really like about their savory crepes is they are served with a little salad that is dressed with a really bright vinaigrette that keeps everything light and fresh. The greens, tomato and cucumbers have always been super fresh and well chilled, a great foil for the warm rich pancake. The sweet crepe was dark chocolate and strawberries and was pretty good as well.

If you have some time, well a good bit of time, and the people your with are entertaining, the Whole Day Cafť is a nice laid back place to hang out and enjoy some pretty solid snacks and beverages. Not everything is worth ordering but there is enough to earn return trips.


They Really Pack The Crepes

Not As Much For The Sammy



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