Instead of our typical trip to Vegas to celebrate our delayed Anniversary, Mother Dear gave us the chance to explore a long dreamed of locale, NOLA. We had an almost perfect trip and New Orleans is all it’s purported to be. All of the downsides to any large city exist, but are clearly outmatched by the upsides. And then there is the food, my GOD, the food. We ate ourselves stupid, and regretted it a couple of times immediately afterward. But looking back, I wouldn’t have skipped anything.

It was our first trip, so it was a touristy trip. We tried the things you see on tv over and over instead of trying to find hidden gems. Especially shocking was how good SO MANY of the classics turned out to be. Only twice was I disappointed, and by disappointed I mean the place was only good. Much more often I was surprised by how much better the place was than expected, a rare treat repeated and repeated in the Crescent City. If you are from our neck of the wood, or anywhere else than NOLA, it is a completely different world, and one worth experiencing for multitudinous reasons. Vegas is a different world but it is a calculated and manufactured experience, New Orleans has evolved in a storied and historic manner into what it is, you can feel it everywhere you go. Nothing like it.      True Dat.


Willie Mae's Scotch House
 New Orleans, Louisiana        Date of Visit  12/15/15         
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This is going to sound ridiculous, but I don’t care. Our stop at this unassuming corner restaurant serving essentially only three dishes (chicken, pork chop, veal) was akin to seeing an ocean, or the grand canyon, or a religious experience for the first time. I was saddened to hear of the passing of Willie Mae not so long ago. It seems she truly did what she could with what she had where she was and took great pride and pleasure in feeding the people of her community the best she had to offer.



The Simple Setting For God's Chicken

She did it so well, the world took notice and now her family continues the effort.

 The place is plain. It should be. The staff was quiet at first but then Derek, who sat us and then waited on us was stupendous. Like coming to family dinner, an inexpensive family dinner at that. We ordered fried chicken (1 of 3 options) having heard it could be the best in the world. I ordered the smothered veal just to see, knowing we would share and wished I had ordered the chicken as well. If you don’t like the chicken here, you should be deported, or at least imprisoned. A guy at the table across from us finished his and ordered another, without shame, no one there would judge him.

The veal is fine, the gravy is good. The peas are gross, nobody cares. The sweet potato fries are delicious. The mac and cheese is really good. Now onto the three things that will make this easily one of the best restaurant experiences I have ever had (beside the people, that is).

The Veal Is Really Good...Never Order It

Ignore The Peas

Solid Cheesy Mac

Really Nice Sweet Tater Fries


First the red beans and rice. This trip delved into southern staples I have only had in the north…grits, greens, gumbo, hurricanes, and on and on. They are completely different here, and so much better. The red beans and rice were unbelievable. Warm spices, thick early beans, fluffy rice, never had anything quite like this. The cornbread was the best I have ever tried. Not sweet, but with a hint of it, chewy kernels of corniness, crisp brown edges from sizzling in butter at some point…perfect.

Then there is the chicken.

If it’s not the best in the world, I wanna know what’s going to beat it. Seriously, it’s crass, but if our neighbors’ cats tasted anything like this…there would be a lot of missing posters in the neighborhood. The juiciest yardbird I can imagine is surrounded by a perfectly seasoned and clingy crust so crispy, you couldn’t get the sensation from eating a handful of Lay’s potato chips. I am not kidding. I am not exaggerating. If anything, this is an undersell.

Spicy Awesome

Chicken Isn't The Only Best Thing Ever At Willie Mae's

The Chicken Is Beyond Words...

...Don't Question, Don't Worry, Just Look

The World Is A Good Place...

Everything Is Going To Be Alright...


Talk about perfecting a craft…Yo Yo Ma – Cello; Da Vinci – Art; Willie Mae’s – Chicken & Hospitality.

Our condolences on your loss, and thanks for your hospitality.




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