Breakfast Bike Runs

I have been taking pictures and thinking about doing this for some time. Places have been missed, ratings are sort of unnecessary, but there are a number of meals or places that could bear mentioning in the long run. We tend to ride in the morning before the Sun gets to serious work for the day. Given that, we tend to either meet for breakfast or use a place as a destination, trying to find the twistier and turnier roads in the area or beyond.

There wonít be much to say, in most places breakfast is what it is. If there is something significant, I will do my best to describe it, but donít expect too much. Just looking forward to new rides and some eggs.



 Barberton, Ohio

Winkís sits in front of the Giant Eagle anchored plaza in Barberton Ohio. If you are on a bike you will want to pay special attention to the parking lot as the gravel and gaping holes make it more of a maze to be negotiated than a simple stop.

Winks stands out with the old school drive-in parking through the middle of the lot (which Iíve never seen anyone use) with the old police car chasing the coupe mounted on the roof. The sign calls Winkís a 50ís style diner which is reinforced inside with jukeboxes in the booths, a tiny soda fountain, appropriate artwork and an episode of Happy Days playing on the tv.


The Drive In Area

The menu has a smattering of items named for the period and is mostly a breakfast or sandwich shop with a few dinners thrown in. We tried one of the two egg breakfasts with hash browns and toast and something called the Elvis breakfast bowl.

The two egger was mediocre all the way around except for the hint of dirty dish water flavor that pervaded the taters. Far from the best simple breakfast I have seen on the road.


50's Diner Inside

Something Was Off With The Hash Browns

The Basted Eggs Have a Secret...

Something Dangerous Lurks Beneath, Like a Spider Hole

The Elvis breakfast bowl is another matter. Itís stuffed with cajun home-style red skin potatoes, onions, green and banana peppers, sausage gravy, cheddar cheese and basted eggs. Iím not sure if the Elvis moniker is due to the theme of the restaurant or the artery blasting contents of the bowl but I canít think of any connection to the icon similar to the well known sandwiches etc. Who knows. Maybe it is what he liked for breakfast. Beyond hearty and rich this stuff would fuel you for a trip to the west coast and actually comes together pretty well flavor-wise.

Winkís is an interesting place with an interesting dish on the breakfast menu but lacks anything that would make it a regular destination prior to a morning ride

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