Wolf Creek Tavern (Second Visit)
Copley, Ohio         Date of Visit:  08/06/16         
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Even though our first adventure here was overall pretty good, I was still a little surprised itís still open. The building has had tenants revolving in and out faster than Will Ferrell in the door in Elf. Still, they persevere and we are back. The structure hasnít changed noticeably. The wear still strikes me as a nice touch, when the floor sags under your feet you can imagine all the folks who have been there through the years.


  The service was slow to get going, we were just starting to talk about heading somewhere else when the server found us. Things were much better after that. We ended up trying mostly new stuff. Steph repeated one with a half mixed berry salad: arugula, kale, spinach, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, candied pecans, goat cheese, red onion, all topped with raspberry vinaigrette. Still well done.

The new trys were fried Brussels sprouts, risotto balls, and a chicken parm sandwich. The rice nuggets looked more like big marshmallows than balls but were huge. Crispy brown panko exterior, tender starchy rice inside, bright red pepper coulis beneath, and a few fronds of sweet/sour dill on top. Miles better than the crab cake we slogged through the first visit. The sprouts were even better. Fried, yup with just brown edges, then tossed with walnuts, capers, pancetta, and parmesan cheese in a red wine vinaigrette. Crispy salty porkiness, salty nutty cheese, salty lemony capers, wally(?) nuts and really sharp dressing. Very tasty.


Wasn't Sure At First...

...But Sprouts Loaded With Interesting Flavors


Arancini Look Like Big Brown Marshmallows

And Are Better Than Some

  I seldom get chicken parm in sandwich form but it just sounded good today. I didnít get through much of it, but the chicken was cooked perfectly through with a dark brown cheese crisp of an exterior and seriously juicy. The light, house marinara was complimented with a bright green pesto for the classic tomato basil combo. The mozzarella they use refused to stay in the bun and slowly oozed this way and that, forcing me to take saucy, cheesy, chickeny bites. Just terrible (sarcasm). Good thing I was full, it was just as good cold a couple of days later. Looks like its not just the only restaurant to stay open at that address but seems pretty cle  ar why.

Summer Salad Is Still Fresh & Tasty



Surprisingly Good

With Desirable Fries

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The Wolf Creek Tavern
 Copley, Ohio        Date of Visit  08/22/14         

Letís be honest. This place has the scent of curse surrounding the building. There have been more restaurants in this location since I moved to the area than I can begin to remember (I do remember the travesty called Amatos). The latest nameplate affixed to the front seems to be embracing the history of the joint. They may be the most recent tenants but feature the 1840 date of inauguration.



The Building Is Historically Gorgeous

The place is just gorgeous if you like the uneven floors and weathered woodwork a couple of hundred years brings to a building. I love it.

Our server was somewhere in the realm of functional, he seemed a little out of place, sort of like the Irish music in a place with nary a corned beef and cabbage option on the menu. We saw the owner talking to another table and the music made a little more sense in a New American joint.

We ordered a couple of small salads, the crab cake and two sandwiches and were surprised by much of it. The disappointment was the crab cake. Imagine that, an uninspired crab cake in Norton Ohio. This thing was wet, sloppy and lacking in the crab department. Why restaurants worlds away from the water and deals on succulent lumps of ocean bugs try crab cakes is anyoneís guess.

It Looked Meh...

And Was More Of A Bready Soggy Mess Than It Looked

The salads were another matter all together. We ordered the halves and they were enormous. The beet salad with baby kale, goat cheese, pine nuts, red onion, fennel and a honey Dijon dressing is really well done. Even Steph (not a beet/onion/fennel fan) enjoyed the bright and earthy mix. It was delicious. We had heard about someone wanting to lick the plate after finishing the mixed berry salad, I would have done it. Mixed greens are topped with bleu cheese, dried cranberries, loads of berries all at their peak (except for the strawberries), candied pecans and topped with a maple balsamic dressing. The candied pecans included a dusting of something akin to cinnamon sugar being sprinkled on the top of the salad like fairy dust. I should have hated it but the sweet crunch ended up being delicious. Score two hits for the salads.


Both Of The Salads Were...

...Large & Spectacular

Steph orderd the BBQ roasted pork sandwich with cheddar and house made slaw. The pork was tender and juicy, the sauce was a little on the sweet side for me, but the oddly pinkly pickled slaw sliced through the sugar almost enough. Not a bad sandwich. I ordered the blue moon burger with grilled portabello mushroom, peppered bacon, bleu cheese and rootbeer braised onions. This thing had only one shortcoming, the patty needed something called seasoning. Fortunately, the toppings made up for the miss. Lots of spicy bacon, earthy mushrooms, sweet onions holding onto just a bit of their original acidic bite, and tangy cheese. A well done burger.

Fairly Good Q Sandwich

A Little Too Sweet For Me, But Succulent With Sharp Slaw

The Burger Was Plain...

...But Loaded With Tasty Toppings

We added a peach cobbler at the end, which took us back towards the crab cake. The fruit wasnít bad, but the ramekin had been pulled from the oven too soon and the lattice pie dough on top was rawly doughy and unpleasant. The new iteration in the historical building in Norton did some things exceptionally well, and some need improvement. Still the best Iíve had from the string of occupants so far.

The Cobber Was Topped With Raw Dough In The Middle

And Needed An Extra Touch Or Two



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