The Wurst Bar
 Cincinnatti, Ohio         Date of Visit: 06/18/16 

Our third sojourn to Cincinnati for white-clad public dinner gives us the chance to lunch and breakfast in town as well. Town of meat eaters, sausages at Senate were interesting, there’s a place called The Wurst Bar, they say they are the absolute wurst, and we’re in. Small, cozy, customers seem to be enjoying themselves. The service is far above average [Can’t Remember] found a way to make chipper a positive term. She was friendly, efficient and seemed genuinely excited to helping people enjoy themselves.



A small cast iron pan stuffed with a mild and juicy house-made sausage bubbling in salty cheese arrived next to a bowl of even saltier Fritos Scoops. The definition of so right it’s wrong. We tried two of their Dogs with Character and the house burger. Each came with a side of fries. All taters were fried just light brown of bitter, giving them a nice complexity. The truffle fries had too much truffle oil for my taste, while the simple sea salt accented the potato without smothering it. The “crazy” fries were coasted with a mix of all of their seasoning options which landed somewhere in the middle, the heat, cheese, garlic, etc. tamping down the trufflesqe funk to a manageable level.

House Dip With Scoops®

Bubbling Hot Tub From A Vegan Nightmare

The Truffle Asiago Fries Leveled By Too Much/Not Quite Truffle Flavor

A Dose Of Heat, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Etc. Helped

Dogs were the U-Betta Goetta and The Roonie. The Goetta was my third Cincy meat sludge experience and probably my least favorite. Not that it wasn’t just fine…but it seemed the most apologetic about the goetta. I love the runny richness of a poached egg, crispy hash browns and what could maple bacon gravy be faulted for outside of the fact that together, I couldn’t have told you what else was inside. There was also inches more bun than the invisible goetta. Fair sammitch, not much on the principle ingredient. The Roonie is a chicken sausage flavored with garlic and truffle. The very soft and fine textured link is juicy and mildly spiced which is accentuated by the fried onion strings and herbed Boursin cheese. I was hoping for a little more, there are several other options, but there wasn’t much wow factor in these two.


The U-Betta Goetta Seemed Mostly Empty

And Tasted Much The Same Way


Soft & Fine Chicken Sausage...

...Assisted By Multigrain Bun, Onion, & Cheese

The burger was another matter. Cheddar Wurst is sandwiched between a blend of Ground Short Rib, Tenderloin & Striploin (a meat sandwich in a sandwich?) and blistered to a thick crusty exterior and oozing delicious interior. A yielding and juice sponging pretzel bun also contains more crispy onion straws, a spicy & sweet mustard and both American and Cheddar cheeses. Just spectacular in form and function. There may be better wursts at the Wurst Bar, but don’t miss the not wurst.

The All Time Wurst Burger

You Might Forget About The Wurst

Excellent Doneness

Who's That Crunchin'? Crust The Revelator.



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