The Wynn Buffet
 Las Vegas, Nevada         Date of Visit  12/13/10    

Staying at the Wynn…luxurious to a degree I am unaccustomed. When you get your Red Card (player’s card) the first time, they tell you all you have to do is throw enough cash on the tables or into the machines to earn 150 points and you get two free passes to the buffet per card. With some help from our gambling pros we were at the required amount before long. At least one came out ahead in the effort. We had a crab fest at the Paris buffet a year before and were looking forward to what the Wynn had to offer. We showed up right after the lunch to dinner switch and went to work. The buffet space was very well appointed with fresh flowers and bright colors. Servers were attentive with drinks and lifting empty plates. But how was the chow?



Cold Seafood Extravaganza

Being a buffet expert I divided my trips into three groups. Cold seafood. Meats and such. Dessert. The first trip included a salad, shrimp and crab legs. I opted for the Greek salad with mixed greens, sharp acidic and herby flavors and feta cheese. The shrimp were large and clean. The crab legs are split down the middle giving easy access to the heart of the matter. While easy access is the point, it seems to me that the split legs result in more of a shredded meat than breaking the leg and pulling out the sections. The Paris crab was, by memory, a little sweeter and more buttery. But still…crab legs!

On the meat trip I ended up being loaded with a wide variety of options. Seafood chowder, sliced turkey, short ribs, pork loin, gnocchi, Colorado lamb, chicken paillard, and a variety of salume made for a gut-busting adventure.

What hath I Wrought???

Good Colorado Lamb

The Gnocci in Back Were Delicious
Warm Brownie, Creme Brule, Mint Choc Mousse

Teeny Cupcakes

It Just Doesn't Stop, Well, We Didn't Stop

The seafood chowder was rich and delicious and the hot meats were still juicy on the buffet, a rare treat. It is still buffet food at the Wynn but they are certainly trying harder than most. The gnocchi with veggies and browned butter sauce were nice and fluffy with a nice combination of flavors. The desserts were wisely all laid out in small portions so you didn’t have to grab a full plate of anything and could graze with a little less guilt. Warm brownies, crčme brule, mini cupcakes, even tiny candied apples, it really didn’t matter they were all pretty good. The sit downers in the city will always have the upper hand over the buffets in quality, but buffets always allow you to try just enough of everything you might be interested in, not likely possible in most restaurants. If you get your “red card” and you’re not opposed to gambling…run it up for the buffet…it won’t cost you that much, as you will be too full to play afterwards. Time for a nap.

Even Tiny Candied Apples




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