The Yankee Kitchen

Youngstown, OH            Date of Visit: 02/05/11             No Known Website

We have been going to the Yankee Kitchen for years, long before they were in their current location. Now the place is not well appointed. It’s not even clean to be completely honest. Most of the time the tables and floor could use wipe-down if not a good sandblasting. Just a word of warning: if you are using the ladies room…apparently you will want to keep a hand on the door to keep it from swinging open and giving a part of the dining room a show no one was expecting. Doesn’t seem to matter though, as everytime we go the tables are all full. The service is hectic and often scattered but most of the time the servers are treading water as fast as humanly possible to keep afloat. The prices are certainly fair if not a real deal. There is one particular dish that keeps me headed towards the kitchen, especially in the morning and obviously I’m not alone.



The Russian Dressing is Awesome


My brother is a fan of the burgers and it’s been years since I tried one. It does look like a good sandwich. Somehow looking at the menu I was struck by an open faced turkey sandwich. When I ordered it, my brother quietly voiced the word…Brave. Turns out it’s not just brave but a foul error in judgment. It is preceded by a salad which they will allow you to cover with their Russian dressing. A richer and sweeter version of a French dressing. The salad dressing might be worth ordering the sandwich, if it weren’t so bad. Alongside of instant mash there is a pile of sliced processed turkey that was cold, even under a slick of canned gravy, and had a sticky gross consistency between the slices. Foul Fowl! It was really disgusting. I will be certain to stay to my standard at the Yankee Kitchen from here on out.

Sounded Like it Was Good


The End of the Yankee Rainbow

What brings me back to this place considering all of this? It’s a breakfast item. An omelet. The feta cheese omelet. Soooo Good. A thin envelope of beaten egg holds and slightly warms big chunks of feta cheese. It’s not even great feta but this combo with a few splashes of hot sauce makes wiping off your own table worth it. You also get a pile of taters which are nowhere near as good as the omelet, but they can be fixed with a serious dousing in hot sauce. If you like hot b-fast and feta cheese it might make you return as well…just stay away from the turkey sandwich…go with the burger if you need a break.

Lots of Feta, Mild and Perfect



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