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Having long been a fan of Chef Tom Colicchio’s appearances on Bravo and having really enjoyed our dinner at Craftsteak last year, we made a particular point of trying ‘wichcraft, the sandwich place around the corner. We checked the menu and the hours on the web site, piled into a cab and walked through the casino to arrive at the location only to find this sign in front of the steel gate. For someone who has crafted such a formidable public image in reference to acute attention to basics, how about letting everyone know you are closed on your website. Tremendous disappointment, never would have figured a Colicchio joint as a “you better call ahead to see if they are actually open when they say they are going to be kinda place, My Bad. Still Bitter…but Rick Moonen did take pretty good care of us for lunch. ‘wichcraft made that easy as there was no one available to take care of us at all.


The Time it Took to Make the Sign...Could You Have Posted it As Well?



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