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This will be brief. After lunch at Zoup Werks we trundled up the steps to try another place I had been hearing about in Acorn Alley. Popped is a small space dedicated to making tiny hard corn kernels fluffy and encasing them in flavorful robes. They are proud of their local products (there arenít many but they all come from the area) and offer a few different flavors. I got three medium bags to try and take to class to share.




Popcorn Awaits

The white cheddar popcorn was far from a favorite. Not much in the way of cheddar and it has that mealy texture of popcorn that isnít overly fresh and has met with some butter along the way. The salted caramel was much better with a super crunchy sweet exterior that melts away into a very well balanced saltiness.

The best by far was the firehouse caramel. The same sweetness but this one dissolves into a warm spiciness that lingers on your tongue and begs for another dose of heat and sweet. It isnít Garretts of Chicago with the insane cheese and caramel mix, but that spicy firehouse blend will have me strolling up those steps again.



Everything You Wanted To Know About Popcorn

Not Cheesy Enough To Suffer The Texture

Salt And Caramel Were Meant For Each Other

Cayenne And Caramel, Not Meant For Each Other But Are Having Tempestuously Delicious Affair
The Best By Far!



What's Best

What's Worst

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