A Few Of My Favorite Things

It was inevitable. At some point direct comparisons had to be made so here they are. Some of the categories were
were lengthy some some scrolling will be required, but goodness...we've had some tasty treats...and some...well....

  BBQ Beverages Breakfast Burgers Chicken  
  Desserts Fine Dining Hot Dogs Italian Mexican  
  Pizza Sandwiches, Other Seafood Soup Steak  
    Taters   Trucks    

Just Some Of My Most To Least Favorites...At Least, So Far...From Top to Bottom




DOCG Scott Conant - Las Vegas, NV

Simple Perfection



We The Pizza - Washington D.C.

Simplest Slice Is Incredible



Samosky's Pizzeria - Valley City, OH

Wild Combination Of Wonderful


  Uptown Pizza - Youngstown, OH

What I See When I Hear Pizza


Bricco - Akron, OH

Extraordinarily Meaty & Spicy Chorizo Pie



Sloopy's - Sandusky, OH

Innovative Tastiness


  Pizzaria Uno - Chicago, IL

Windy City Classic



The Oak Barrel - Cleveland Ohio

Croque Monsieur Pizza? Yes, Please


  Comet Ping Pong - Washington, D.C.

Fun & Unique. Place & Flavors.


D'Agnese's - Akron, OH

Sicilian Has Great Toppings Combo



  Luigi's Pizza - Akron, OH

Local Hot Spot


  Danny Boys - Canton, OH

Stupendous Crust


  Marie's Pizza - Wadsworth, OH

Wadsworth Fav


  Lou Malnati's - Chicago, IL

Chicago Runner Up


Mark & Philly's Pizzeria - Akron, OH

Additional Sauce & This Might Have Climbed A Lot Higher



Mellow Mushroom - Durham, NC

Fun Menu



Gino's East - Chicago, IL

Meaty & Funky


Luca's NYC Pizza - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Double Sauced Buffalo Beats Out Their Pepperoni

Master Pizza - Medina, OH

Multiple Pepperoni Stands Out From Other Mediocre Offerings

Antonio's Pizza - Wadsworth, OH

Choke Dip Beat Master Pizza But Little Else Did

  Parassons - Barberton, OH

Better Small Than Large


  Mr. G's Pizza - Akron, OH

Better Than Their Italian Dinners By Far


Big Star Pizza - Akron, OH



Brick Oven Brew Pub - Akron, OH

Spicy Sicilian Kept Them From Falling Lower


New York Style Pizza & Deli  - Akron, OH

Anti-New York


  Piola - Washington, D.C.

Undercooked Bacon. Nope.


  Sirrico's Pizza - Las Vegas, NV



  N.Y. Pizzeria - Las Vegas, NV

Sickening, Literally